Eco-IT - what is it, and how can it benefit my company?

Energy efficiency and environmental issues are an increasing concern for businesses. Companies are looking for ways to streamline their business processes, for the benefit of their ‘bottom line’ and for sustainable development on the planet.

IT systems are a significant energy consumer on most company balance sheets.

Conventional ‘Green IT’ solutions focus primarily on pushing optimised computing processes in data management and energy use internally within data centres.

Eco-IT is all about active energy management in the whole eco-system – and UBi is a market leader in pioneering this holistic approach.

Added Value

UBi's distinctive eco-IT solutions add value beyond traditional Green IT.

Eco-IT delivers a double effect. All the benefits of conventional Green IT are available internally within the IT data facility. In addition, UBi harnesses the power of the latest Information Technologies to control and integrate the storage, distribution and consumption of energy from external sources.

The Data Centre Project

Our eco-IT holistic vision is applied within our Data Centre project. Read more…