UBi is a company dedicated to helping our clients to build high performance businesses, deliver products and services more efficiently and expand outreach in international markets.

Our solutions are driven by a powerful combination of technological innovation, expertise in business processes and strategic investments.

Innovations in information technology (IT) are the key which unlocks further efficiency as companies experience an explosion in information to process and store.

UBi’s Technology Solutions are inspired by our market-leading eco-IT… a holistic approach which embraces today’s pressing business concerns in energy consumption and environmental impact. 

UBi’s Industry Solutions are tailored to the specific challenges faced as a wide range of businesses, industries and corporations adapt to changing customer demands and government regulation.

Technology Solutions:

Learn about the range of technological solutions UBi can offer business, including:

  • Green IT
  • Renewable Energy integration
  • Environmental Technology optimisation
  • Green Data Centre Framework - benchmarking standards

Industry Solutions:

See how UBi enterprise innovation can be applied in today’s business environment in a variety of industry sectors (with case studies):

  • Information and Communication
  • Finance and Banking
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Public Services and Health Care
Innovative solutions in technology and business applications