UBi Solutions for Industry

Innovation in action – UBi’s solutions applied in a wide variety of business sectors are beneficial in boosting productivity, gaining global market share and increasing returns on investments.

Here are some particular areas which gain from the advances that our solutions bring:

Information and Communication

UBi recognises that the telecommunications industry remains one of the most rapidly evolving sectors – driven by emerging new technologies, customer demands and network consolidation.
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Finance and Banking

UBi is at the forefront in providing IT-enabled enterprise solutions to financial institutions facing the highly competitive banking market.
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Manufacturing and Engineering

UBi identifies the particular needs of the manufacturing sector in maintaining competitive edge in a global market place.
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Utilities and Energy

UBi understands the immense breadth of this sector – from end-to-end supply chain to customer management. Our solutions address these multiple operations.
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Public Services and Health Care

As government and public agencies respond to the need to deliver improved services to citizens, UBi’s solutions bring insights and experience from the private sector’s customer-centred approach. 
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