Renewable Energy

Increasing costs and growing awareness of the harmful impact of traditional fuels is causing a revolution in attitudes within the business world.

Technological innovation is the key to creating a secure, sustainable and low-cost energy supply for the future.

UBi is dedicated to taking green energy technology forwards - whether this be by ensuring that remaining fossil fuel resources are put to the most economical, effective use, or creating a sustainable energy mix drawing on alternative energy sources.

We focus on providing innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of power generation, storage and consumption, distribution and grid integration – enabled by leading edge information technology.

We concentrate on exploring industrial process which produce economically-viable fuel alternatives, particularly from solar energy and wind power.

Clean Technology

Rapid economic progress can cause increasing threats to the quality of the air and water. We help our customers to improve the industrial processes in purification and filtration of air and water which include sensing, monitoring, process management and new materials applications. These solutions safeguard the integrity of industry, sustain economic development and protect the wellbeing of the global community.

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