Green IT Integration

IT discussions of cost savings often raise concerns over energy efficiency. Businesses look for ways to optimize their computing environments to the benefit of their bottom line and the planet. UBi believes the two efforts are highly complementary.

UBi, with the collaboration with business partners, has Green IT solutions that can help make your IT infrastructure energy efficient to meet the following challenges:

  • Continued rise of overall energy costs and demand
  • Cost of air conditioning to cool data centers or computer rooms
  • Concern over power surges and shortages affecting business
  • Government-imposed levies on carbon production and regulations on power consumption and waste
  • Increasing drive towards centralized data centers
  • Too many servers that are partially used or not used to capacity

Our energy efficient solutions are based on proven technologies utilized by UBi and its customers to realise immediate, tangible return on investments through implementation of more efficient IT practices. By focusing on energy efficiency within your IT department or organization, you can lower your overall energy expenses and optimise your existing server capacities to free-up budget for business-critical solutions.

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Benefits of integrating energy efficiency and 'green' practices…
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Regain power and cooling capacity
  • Reach additional server capacity
  • Recapture resiliency
  • Recycle end-of-life equipment