The Green Enterprise Data Centre

UBi leads the field in developing a new international benchmark standard for IT system optimisation and eco-energy integration. This is facilitated within its planned showcase world-class Green Enterprise Data Centre. UBi Group leads a team of strategic business partners to deliver green information technology (IT) for its Green Enterprise Transformation programmes in collaboration with eco facility and renewable energy business partner specialists. 


UBI's industry leadership in Open systems, Service Orientation, infrastructure virtualization, process automation and system optimisation helps leading enterprises to design and operate their next generation of Green data centers.  UBi offers the most complete and field-proven portfolio of industry leading data center solutions based on a modern, standards-based architecture, combined with world-class services to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Improve efficiency and maximise utilization of your hardware, data center space and IT staff
  • 'Green' your operations and reduce cost with virtualization, server consolidation and energy-saving best practices
  • Deliver higher Quality of Service for business continuity, scale out to support growth, and faster and more predictable performance
  • Boost IT agility and improve competitive edge for the faster updates to support the business, new application deployment and response to changing workloads


UBi’s green innovative enterprise solutions and services are underpinned by the new generation of ‘green’ enterprise data centers.  UBi is leading the global field in developing a new international benchmark standard for integration of Green IT, eco-facility and renewable energy within its world class green data centres.  Leveraging IT simplified virtualization, high efficient eco- facility optimisation and Green energy integration in UBi Green Enterprise Data Centre, our international clients benefit with

  • Cost-effective Dynamic IT infrastructure: Service-Oriented Green IT virtualisation allows physical IT infrastructure consolidation, which leads to reduction in IT infrastructure  needed by more than 50% and increase utilisation rates by up to 70%
  • Flexible, scalable, secure and reliable system: The event driven optimisation process ensures a flexible, scalable, secure and reliable system, which enables  provision of new resources in minutes and hours rather than days, reduction on disaster recovery time by 85%
  • eCo facility: Combined heat & power sources lead to up to 50% reduction in energy consumption,  up to 60% heat reduction and up to 80% floor space reduction
  • Sustainable Green Energy – Optimization of renewable energy including Solar, Wind and Bio-fuel meets up to 60% electricity demands of Data Centre in peak hour  
  • eCo-value Chain Operation: Holistic Green Enterprise operation enables up to 50% reduction in hardware acquisition and costs, up to 3 times asset utilization. End-to-end value chain carbon footprint reduction by more than 50%

Competitive Advantages:

UBi Green enterprise data center enables our international clients to leverage the best practices and technologies of Green IT and eCo Technology to better manage costs, improve operational performance and resiliency, quickly respond to business needs and maintain the environmental sustainability.   It delivers the following competitive advantages:

  • Improved IT efficiency—The Green enterprise data center helps to transcend traditional operational issues in order to achieve new levels of efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness. Through virtualization, you can uncouple applications and business services from the underlying IT resources to improve their portability, as well as exploit highly optimized systems and networks to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs.
  • eCo energy integration - The Green enterprise data center improves data center energy efficiency and reduces overall running cost through exploitation of virtualization-enabled consolidation, resource optimization, active energy management and renewable energy integration.
  • Rapid service deployment—The ability to deliver quality service is critical to businesses of all sizes. Service management enables visibility, control and automation to deliver quality service at any scale. Maintaining user satisfaction and ensuring cost efficiency and return on investment depends upon your ability to see the business (visibility), manage the business (control) and leverage automation (automate) to drive efficiency and operational agility.
  • Highly responsive and business goal driven—A highly efficient, shared infrastructure can help businesses respond instantaneously to evolving demands. It creates opportunities to make sound business decisions based on information obtained in real time, and alignment with a service-oriented approach to IT delivery provides the framework to free up resources from more traditional operational demands and to focus them on real-time integration of transactions, information and business analytics.
  • Dynamic agile service- Through a service-oriented approach to IT delivery, the Green enterprise data center provides enterprises with greater flexibility and agility, helping them to move toward dynamic optimised infrastructures.

Technical Features:

The phenomenal growth of the scope and power of the Enterprise IT has significantly increased its energy consumption. IT teams are monitoring server and storage utilization and must consider ways to raise utilization levels so that IT hardware does not sit idle while consuming power and driving up ventilation and cooling costs.
The UBI Green Enterprise Data Centre Solutions feature many powerful techniques that improve energy efficiency and data center productivity, maximize IT cost savings while at the same time improving IT agility and ease-of-management. 
Those key technical features include:

  • Server Virtualization: Server consolidation saves energy, lowers system management overhead and enables a more cost effective "pay as you grow" strategy.
  • Storage Virtualization:  Fewer storage disks will consume less power. More centrally managed storage means less administrative overhead.
  • Application Consolidation: Service Oriented Application Consolidation not only results in energy and hardware savings, but also a better quality of service, more accurate and up-to-date information and reduced systems management overhead.
  • Process Automation: Operational process automation reduces staffing costs, lowers the risk of human error and improves productivity. Virtualization supports automation activities by simplifying the infrastructure and instilling a high level of standardization across the  entire data center environment
  • Active Energy Management: A comprehensive and tightly integrated energy management solution encompasses both IT and physical facilities. A properly designed and implemented energy management solution delivers the ability to integrate system utilization rates and data center facility assets such as air conditioning, electricity and floor space in conjunction with IT to optimize the entire data center environment for energy efficiency.
  • eCo system optimization – The holistic eCo-system optimization improves data center efficiency and reduces overall cost through exploitation of virtualization-enabled consolidation, multiple-process automation, active energy management and renewable energy integration.
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