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Strategic Investments

Correct investment decisions are essential to healthy and sustained growth in all business sectors. UBi collaborates with management teams to help them achieve outstanding business results and to maximise investment returns for all participating parties. Investment strategy identifies companies with emerging growth potential whose strong high-technology capabilities are aimed at tangible global markets.

UBi taps international capital markets through a wide variety of funding methods including public financing, private capital and MA (merger & acquisition). Through our global business networks, we develop customised investment strategies underpinned by innovative enterprise solutions. In collaboration with our international investment partners, we execute these strategies by exploring funding options, coordinating investment negotiations and securing capital deals.

Investment management is based on UBi’s extensive, fact-based analysis of industry dynamics and competitive positioning. Our disciplined investment approach is combined with diligent evaluation of a company's potential and management capabilities. On securing an investment in a qualified company, we form partnerships with management teams, providing ongoing management guidance and technological expertise in order to fulfil the company's absolute potential.

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Strategic Investment
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