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Research and Development - Innovation and Leadership Programme

Innovation and initiative are central to UBi's success. By facing the challenges of emerging technologies UBi are able to deliver efficient IT solutions to business.

Technological reasearch and development (R&D), from the UBi Enterprise Institute, has been turning technology innovation into business results for many years. This has been achieved by encouraging and utilising contributions from UBi’s substantial pool of technologists and combining these with input from customer organisations, major suppliers, independent industry and academic research groups.

The R&D programmes are a company-wide global initiative providing technological thought leadership to UBI, its clients and its alliance partners. Through its portfolio of activities the programme examines trends in current leading-edge technologies, and seeks to assess the impact of emerging technologies on industry, commerce and government.

Our R&D team explores new and emerging technologies to create a vision of how technology will shape the future and invent the next wave of cutting-edge business solutions. We provide a comprehensive analysis of key technology trends that will affect both ourselves and our clients over the next three to five years, helping organisations to set their IT strategy and investment priorities.

Our R&D explores, prototypes, and builds solutions using emerging technologies that our clients leverage to drive business performance. We have applied rigorous academic research to the problems facing today's businesses. This research provides leadership teams in business and government the tools to achieve and sustain high performance.
Based upon UBi's years of experience in researching and illuminating technological developments, trends and best practices, our R&D team aims to provide deep insights into how emerging technology can be deployed and managed for maximum business benefits.

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