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December 2009

28th December 2009 – NanJing:  In partnership with NanJing JiangNing Development Authority and syndicate private equity capital provider, UBI signs a Partnership Agreement to launch a Green Enterprise Transformation (GET) Investment Fund of 350 million RMB (50 million USD).  The total value of the funds under management is projected to grow to 800 million USD in 5 years.

The fund makes typical investments in the super-growth green fields of information technology and communications, sustainable engineering and advanced manufacture, innovative biotechnology and digitalised healthcare. A typical initial investment ranges from 3 million to 10 million USD for 3-5 years, followed by further investments in the subsequent funding rounds.

The Fund, specifically denominated in RMB, is to support the best entrepreneurs in the high-growth areas of green enterprise transformation, extending throughout the whole value chain from energy-efficient data centre including Green IT, eco-infrastructure solutions and business transformation services, helping them to develop into sustainable world class international green businesses.

In celebrating the GET partnership, Mr. Dai HuaJie, the managing director of JiangJing Development Authority, commented: “UBI is a global leader in the field of Green Enterprise Technology Innovation and is playing the key role in making impressive progress in the successful delivery of its Green Enterprise Transformation Programme. JiangNing Development Authority is very pleased to work in partnership with UBI on this newly established GET Investments Fund.  We believe that this initiative will significantly promote and advance the sustainable development of the businesses and enterprises in NanJing city and in the wider Yangtze River development region. We look forward to working with UBI to achieve the full potential of this exciting initiative.” 

Dr. Zhong Li, the Chief Executive of UBI Group, replied: “NanJing JiangNing Development Zone is a leading green technology innovation hub in south east China, and we are very delighted to have this pioneering government agency join UBI as a key partner in establishing the GET Investments Fund.   We are confident that, by working together in nurturing and developing high-potential innovative enterprises within the value chain of the GET Programme, we will bring the substantial return on the investments and create the optimal value for the eco development of the region.”

Please contact news-releases@ubigroup.org for further details.


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December 2009